For slightly more than the cost of checking a bag, you can have your clothes cleaned and belongings stored and maintained in the city you travel to most often. Consider the time-savings, convenience and no stress, it just makes a lot of ‘cents’ to use HANDL


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  • PERK

  • $30/Trip
    • Small storage trunk holds more than a standard carry-on. Perfect for keeping those bulky items (more shoes, full-size toiletries, blow dryer, etc.) and holding mostly flat and non-ironed clothing (sweaters, jeans, shorts, etc.)
    • Clothes are cleaned and personal items stored and maintained
    • Safe storage
    • Free delivery
    • Support available 24/7


  • $59/trip
  • All the same benefits of the Perk Package and:


    • Upgrade to Wardrobe trunk – Holds 3x more belongings. Perfect for keeping more clothes and personal items. One side for hanging (suits, pants, dresses, tops, etc.), and the other with compartments for more shoes, bags, workout gear, snacks…
    • Additional amenities: Shoe covers, wood hangers, additional drawers, etc.
    • One bulk storage item

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