Q: What is HANDL?

A: HANDL is a unique travel service that was created for frequent business travelers to eliminate the need to travel with luggage. We store, maintain and clean your clothes and personal items in the city you travel to most often. And every time you return, your belongings will be waiting at your hotel, saving time, reducing stress, increasing productivity and making a better travel experience.

Q: What does HANDL do?

A: HANDL will store your belongings, clean your clothes and maintain your personal items so you don’t have to be bothered with these menial tasks after you get home from your trip. You’ll have more time for your family, friends, clients and your hobbies – anything you want.

Q: How do I get my clothes to HANDL?

A: You have two options: on your first business trip using HANDL, bring as many of your clothes and personal items as you would like to keep at your destination. Or, send us your things and we’ll neatly put them in your chosen trunk and deliver them to the hotel before you arrive. You can also add or swap out things from the case at your convenience.

Q: How does your company HANDL my clothes and personal items?

A: You can choose to keep your clothes and personal items in an foot-locker size trunk [more foldable clothes and large size toiletries] or a large-capacity wardrobe trunk [more ‘suitable’ for hanging clothes and 3X more of your belongings]. When you check out of the hotel, we pick up your trunk so your clothes can be professionally laundered or dry cleaned and personal items neatly stored until your next trip. You have packed your last bag!

Q: What can I leave with HANDL?

A: No more making compromises and tough choices. HANDL is like your closet on the road. Our trunks hold more of your belongings than a standard carry-on bag so you can keep extra suits, shirts/blouses, pants/skirts, sweaters, shoes, purses, etc…never forget your belt or scarf again. We’ll store your workout gear; that [TSA desired] Swiss Army knife; your favorite snacks, protein powder and vitamins; full-sized toiletries; extra chargers; business items and whatever else you want. They are securely stored until you return.

Q: How do I start using HANDL?

A: It’s easy! Simply call or email HANDL and provide the details of your upcoming trip [arrival date/time, departure date and where you are staying]. We’ll drop off a trunk at the hotel. Once you check in, ask a bellman to bring your HANDL trunk to your room. Or, you can contact us once you’re in town [allow 24hrs to drop off a case]. After you check out, we’ll pick up the trunk from the hotel. Notify us before each trip and we’ll drop off your trunk at the hotel. Please take your empty bag home and put it in mothballs.

Q: Are my things safe with HANDL?

A: HANDL will do everything humanly possible to insure that your clothes and personal items are cared for safely and professionally. We’ll take [appropriate] photos and a descriptive inventory of your items and send them to you in a confirmation email. HANDL uses only certified dry cleaners and completely stands by our commitment to cover all liability for your items. Your satisfaction is our utmost interest.

Q: What are the advantages of HANDL over carrying bags or shipping luggage?

A: Business travel can be stressful. HANDL solves the problems of planning, packing, lifting, weighing, schlepping, waiting and worrying about your luggage and eliminates most of the menial tasks [unpacking, sorting (laundry vs dry cleaning), drop off/pick up, packing again] you face after each trip. With HANDL, you won’t be derailed by confusing carry-on size requirements, travel restrictions, forgotten items, shipping costs, tracking your bag or maintaining your luggage.

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: Our service is comparable to checking over-weight luggage with the airlines and costs LESS than shipping luggage. HANDL offers two pricing tiers depending on how many items you want to keep in the city you travel to most often. When you factor in the extra storage space, cleaning and maintaining your clothes, the time-savings, convenience, reliability and safety of HANDL, nothing else compares!

Q: What happens if I cancel my trip or my flight is delayed?

A: We understand plans and circumstances can change at a moment’s notice. One of the best aspects of using HANDL is that you can change or cancel your reservation literally up to several hours before your planned arrival time without incurring a fee. Just let us know and your delivery can be changed.

Q: Are the HANDL cases clean?

A: Yes they are. HANDL keeps its cases in immaculate condition in a number of ways. After each trip, the case is meticulously inspected and given a complete wipe-down. Each case contains a laundry bag to hold your dirty clothes and protects the other items in your case. Our cases remain in the city you travel to most often so fewer hands touch them and they aren’t subject to the normal abuse by luggage handlers, shipping companies, TSA agents, contractors, conveyor belts, etc…

Q: Where is HANDL available?

A: HANDL launched in San Diego but is now available when you travel to Southern California. Our plans are to expand from here across the country. Please let us know what city you would like to see us open in the future and we’ll put it on the priority list.

Q: What if I only travel once a month; Can I still use HANDL?

A: We would be willing to accommodate on a ‘case by case’ basis. We offer two pricing plans to choose from to fit most everyone’s needs. The least expensive option is for the business person who travels less often and just wants to keep a few items at their destination. For the more frequent traveler, our Perk Plus option provides more capacity and a higher level of service for greater convenience.

Q: What if I choose to stop using HANDL?

A: We’ll miss you. But if you want to stop the service, let us know at least 24 hours before you depart and then simply take everything back home with you. We can also ship your things directly to you for a moderate fee plus standard shipping rates. If you are going to work in another city that we serve and would like to continue with HANDL, let us know and your items will be sent to that destination and we’ll set you up again.